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Central Administration Department

Municipal Coordinating Director: Mr. Oheneba Apau-Danquah

Central Administration is headed by the Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD) and is responsible for ensuring the implementation of governmental policies, projects and programs in the Municipalities. The Director guides policy formulation, planning and decision making at the assembly meetings. The coordinating Director is spending officer of the Assembly.

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HOU: Mr. Abraham Solomons

The budget unit provides the technical leadership in the preparation and management of the budget in the Assembly. The budget advises the Assembly on the cost implications and financial decisions in the LGS. It coordinates the preparation of budgets, participate in the preparation of procurement plan and assists in the fee-fixing resolution.

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HOD: Mr. Solomon Sackitey. 

Physical planning department deals with design plans and proposals to help in the directional growth of settlement in Jasikan Municipality, create awareness on human settlement and spatial planning development policies, preserve and sustain landscape. beautification of built-up areas

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HOD: Mr. Hudson Adiwokor.

The department primarily coordinate and collaborate with other head of department and unit in the Municipal to facilitate HR activities such as staff training, salary administration, postings, recruitment, promotions and performance management.

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HOD: Mr. Moses A.E Aneka.

The department leads the collection of data for analysis on cost effective farming enterprises, assists in developing warning systems on animal diseases, facilitates the development of programs to establish close linkage between the various subsectors in the municipality and promotes investment in Agriculture by assisting to identify and prepare pre-visibility report

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HOD: Mr. Samuel Blessed Passover

The Finance Department is responsible for the financial management of the Assembly’s resources. The finance department is responsible for recording transactions, payments and expenses and processing of invoices. The department also send out bills and invoices, follow up on overdue payments and payments match up correctly by cross-checking the original document to the company’s record

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HOU: Mr. Richard Kwame Klu

The Records Management Unit (RMU) is the central repository of all documents on business transactions by the government of Ghana (GOG) through the Assembly within the Municipality. The RMU is the oldest in the Oti Region. It is currently operated by three officers; Mr. Richard Kwame Klu (Assistant Director II), with an assistance from Madame Juliet Adzotor (Senior Executive Officer) and Madam Lard Yakubu (Principal Catering Officer).

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HOU: Mrs. Genevieve Morkporkpor Manyo

The Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit exists basically to ensure good public health practices and promote good environmental sanitation in all facets like proper housing, community health promotion, sustained solid and liquid waste management and personal, environmental and food hygiene practices.

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HOD: Madam Emilia Mawunyo Gbedoah

The Department of Social welfare and Community Development was established by the L.I 1961 of local government with the mission to develop, promote policy guidelines, standards and programmes for the efficient and effective delivery of social development services to the vulnerable and excluded individuals and groups in the communities.

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HOD: Eng. Ernest Adjei Quaye
  1. Facilitate the implementation of policies on works and report to the Assembly, and provide advice on matters relating to Works in the Assembly.
  2. Facilitate the construction, repair and maintenance of:
  3. Public roads including Feeder Roads.
    Drains along any streets in the major settlements within its jurisdiction.
    Encourage and facilitate maintenance of public buildings and facilities in the Assembly.
    Assist to build, equip, close and maintain markets and prohibit the erection of stores in places other than the markets
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HOD: Mr. Richard Yao Abudey.

Section 83(1) and (2) of the PFM Act, 2016 (Act 921) states that a covered entity shall have an internal Audit Unit. The Head of the unit shall report administratively to the principal spending officer and functionality to the Audit committee in the performance of the function of the Internal Audit Unit The Internal Audit Agency Act.2003(Act.658) mandate the Internal Audit Unit of Jasikan Municipal Assembly to provide an invaluable quality assurance and independent services to all level management in the archiving the objectives of the Assembly

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HOD: John Bada

The Department is responsible for collecting and collating all the administrative data within the municipality. It Supervise all census within the municipal. It monitors and ensure that all the data used in the various departments are accurate. The department is also responsible for validation and projection of data for future purposes. They monitor, update and build strong database for the municipality.

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HOU: Mr. Isaac Agyapong

The development planning unit exist to perform the following functions:

  1. The unit serves us planning secretariat for the district planning coordinating unit (DPCU).
  2. It serves as the focus for development planning of the district.
  3. It coordinates and harmonize all development efforts (plans) of all departments, units, and sections into a single document called the District Medium Term Development Plan (DMTDP).

The unit provides strategic direction for the achievement of the overall objective of the procurement function in the Service.

The unit plans and coordinates activities related to procurement, manages the development and implementation of the procurement plan, provides inputs for the preparation of the annual budget and liaises with service providers and other stakeholders to undertake procurement activities.

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HOU: Mrs Charity Egley

The unit receives and addresses complaints

It also provides information on the nature of operation at the Assembly.

It facilitates standardization of the services delivered by the Assembly and the communicates to the public on the delivered services.

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